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Degree Completion Application for Admission Are you a busy leader who needs to finish your degree online?
Select this application if you are at least 24 years old, you have at least 60 college units, and you want to complete your bachelor's degree online in 18 months.
Freshman Application for Undergraduate Admission Will Life Pacific be the first college you attend?
Select this application if you have not attended any other colleges or universities. If you completed college course work during highschool or during the summer immediately following your highschool graduation, you will still complete the freshman application.
Graduate Application for Admission Are you interested in earning your master's degree at Life Pacific College?
Select this application if you are interested in enroll in a graduate program program at LPC.
Inquiry Card Processing (Office Use Only) This form is intended for Admissions Office Use Only for the purpose of processing online and physical inquiry cards.
International Application for Undergrad Admissions This application is required for nonimmigrant alien students seeking to study at Life Pacific in the U.S. using a F1 student visa.
Re-Entrant Application This application is for students who have been un-enrolled from the college for one or more semesters.
Test Form Do not use. This is for testing purposes only.
Transfer Application for Undergraduate Admission Have you already attended another college or university?
Select this application if you have enrolled in any other college or universtiry regardless of transferability of units. This includes if you have attended an unaccredited college or enrolled in a college for any period of time.